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Working with the Special Collections: a Trainee’s experience

By Georgie Moore, Library Graduate Trainee As the Library Graduate Trainee for 2021-22, I have one year to gain experience and develop my skills across a range of library activities. As well as the busy side of Reader Services, I am fortunate enough to be involved in the College’s Special Collections. Here are four ofContinue reading “Working with the Special Collections: a Trainee’s experience”

MS 262: The Little Gidding Harmonies

This Special Collections post explores the biblical harmonies compiled by a religious community at Little Gidding in the seventeenth-century. One of the harmonies, The Whole Law of God, resides at St John’s College. The Little Gidding community provides a fascinating insight into the creation of this manuscript, and the many individual harmonies the community produced.Continue reading “MS 262: The Little Gidding Harmonies”

Cataloguing A.E. Housman’s Personal Papers

A full and digitised description of the Housman papers at St John’s is in the works. Connie Bettison, St John’s library trainee from 2016-17, writes about her experience beginning the digital cataloguing process. A.E. Housman A.E. Housman (1859-1936) is best known today for his poetry but in his own time he was highly regarded asContinue reading “Cataloguing A.E. Housman’s Personal Papers”

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