Digital Library

The Digital Library is a work in progress (last updated 19/01/2022). Please check back for regular updates! Future plans include adding indexes for medieval, Oriental, and Greek manuscript collections and a provenance index.

An exciting digitization project is currently underway at St John’s College Library, which will increase the accessibility of our medieval, early modern, oriental, and Greek manuscript collections. You can find out more about the overall plan for the project in this blog post. In brief, we will be digitizing images of the manuscripts themselves as well as making information from printed catalogues accessible online. We will also be showcasing a book of the month over on the St John’s College website.

To see what digital resources are currently available, you can navigate to a specific shelfmark on our progress page. You can also click the categories below to get to know our manuscript collections more generally.

Discover our manuscript collections…

Images used on this page:
Western Medieval Manuscripts: Oxford, St John’s College, MS 11, fol. 49r. Early Modern Manuscripts: Oxford, St John’s College, MS 279, fol. 1r. Oriental Manuscripts: Oxford, St John’s College, MS 215, fol. 239r. Greek Manuscripts: Oxford, St John’s College, MS 146, fol. 1r.

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