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There’s the Rub: Thomas Becket in Medieval Manuscripts

There’s the Rub: Thomas Becket in Medieval Manuscripts By Sian Witherden, Resource Description Librarian Gold leaf, intricate borders, elaborate illuminations—St John’s College MS 82 has it all. This devotional book, produced c.1475, is one of the most visually impressive medieval manuscripts in the library’s collection. Even after five centuries, many of the pages look asContinue reading “There’s the Rub: Thomas Becket in Medieval Manuscripts”

Collaborative Blog #1

Decorative Features in Medieval Manuscripts By Sian Witherden, Resources Description Librarian This blog post has been published in collaboration with Teaching the Codex at Teaching the Codex is an interdisciplinary project on the teaching of palaeography and codicology. It was launched with a colloquium at Merton College Oxford on 6th February 2016 as a specialContinue reading “Collaborative Blog #1”

‘Impulse of Delight’: Paul Tod on MS17

In Trinity Term, the College invited me to write a short piece for the catalogue of the exhibition to mark the opening of the new Study Centre, describing two pages of the College’s manuscript MS17. This manuscript is a mathematical compilation, largely concerned with the methods needed for computing the date of Easter. The twoContinue reading “‘Impulse of Delight’: Paul Tod on MS17”

Album of Prints, William Hogarth (1756)

One of St John’s treasures from the eighteenth-century is an album of 77 of William Hogarth’s prints, a seemingly unique contemporary collation including a broad range of his works.  William Hogarth (1697-1764) A painter and printmaker who used his art to make satirical commentary on eighteenth-century social issues, Hogarth was an innovator in the field.Continue reading “Album of Prints, William Hogarth (1756)”

Ælfric and Ælfric Bata, Grammatical Texts, Manuscript 154

Ælfric and St John’s College At St John’s College special collections and manuscripts are the treasures of the Library. These are often invaluable for research purposes and, in some cases, are unique volumes.  Such irreplaceable objects require equally distinctive care and treatment, and St John’s is a member of the Oxford Conservation Consortium which providesContinue reading “Ælfric and Ælfric Bata, Grammatical Texts, Manuscript 154”

Jane and George Austen, Letters (MS 279)

This collection of six letters, either written by or relating to the novelist Jane Austen, is one of the most interesting items held in St John’s College Library. George Austen, Jane’s father (and the writer of one of the letters), and her brothers James and Henry all studied at and became Fellows of St John’s,Continue reading “Jane and George Austen, Letters (MS 279)”

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