ArchivesHub Guide

What St John’s College material is on ArchivesHub?

At present, you can find catalogue records for the following St John’s special collections material on ArchivesHub:

  • Papers of Robert Graves
  • Papers of Philip Larkin
  • Papers of Spike Milligan
St John’s College, MS 52, fol. 3r

How do I get to the page for St John’s College on ArchivesHub?

You can get to the St John’s College repository page by clicking here. Alternatively, you can find St John’s College (or indeed any other repository) by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the ArchivesHub home page and click search in the top right.

  1. Click ‘repositories’

  1. Sort by A-Z (Descending). You may also wish to show 100 records per page.

  1. Scroll down until you find the relevant repository (we are listed as ‘St John’s College Library, University of Oxford’).

How do I find descriptions of western post-1500 manuscripts?

  1. Once you are on the St John’s College repository page, you will see a list of collections to the right. Click ‘Manuscripts of St John’s College, Oxford’.

  1. On the right hand side of the page, you will see a list of manuscript collections. Click the plus sign to open ‘Western Post-Medieval manuscripts’. You can then click on any individual shelfmark to bring up the corresponding catalogue entry in the viewing pane to the left.
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