On this page you can learn more about the various manuscripts in our western medieval collection relating to computus, which is the calculation of the date of Easter.

Oxford, St John’s College, MS 17, fol. 7v

MS 17

MS 17 is a computistical miscellany produced in England (Thorney, Cambridgeshire) in 1110(?), but with some later additions. Computus is the calculation of the date of Easter. MS 17 is notable for including various decorative figures, diagrams, tables, and maps.

Catalogue entry available
Full digital facsimile available
Scholarly resource with annotated full digital facsimile (2007)

Oxford, St John’s College, MS 188, fol. 30v

MS 188

MS 188 is a scientific and medical miscellany, comprising ten separate manuscripts variously produced in England between the thirteenth and the fifteenth centuries. It includes texts on astrolabes and computus.

Catalogue entry available

Oxford, St John’s College, MS 205, fol. 1r

MS 205

MS 205 contains various works written by astronomer John of Sacro Bosco (d. c 1256), including his Computus. This manuscript was produced in England during the fifteenth century, and it contains a number of diagrams.

Catalogue entry available

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