Astronomy and Astrology

On this page you can learn more about the various manuscripts in our western post-1500 collection that relate to astronomy and astrology. You may also be interested in the Astronomy and Astrology section of our western medieval manuscript collection.

Oxford, St John’s College, MS 37, fol. 169v

MS 37

MS 37 is a copy of In Claudii Ptolemaei Quadripartitum commentarius by Valentin Naboth (d.1593). It contains Naboth’s own horoscope, and a note on his prediction of his own death.

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Oxford, St John’s College, MS 284, fol. 6r

MS 284

MS 284 contains an eighteenth-century Latin poem on the workings of the orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system. This manuscript was written as a Founder’s Exercise by John Hubbock (1712-1781, matriculated St John’s 1730).

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Oxford, St John’s College, MS 337, booklet 2, fol. 2r

MS 337

MS 337 comprises two treatises and some loose sheets from c.1740 relating to the use of globes produced by John Senex (1678-1740, publisher and map-maker). This manuscript was apparently donated at roughly the same time as the Senex globes in the Old Library, but the relation between MS 337 and the globes is unclear.

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