On this page you can learn more about the various manuscripts in our western post-1500 collection that relate to devotion. You may also be interested in the Devotion section of our western medieval manuscripts collection.

Oxford, St John’s College, MS 222, fol. ir

MS 222

MS 222 is an eighteenth-century notebook relating to the Book of Common Prayer. It was made by the liturgical writer and Fellow of St John’s College, Charles Wheatly (1686-1742). It also includes a hand-painted illustration on vellum, shown here.

Catalogue entry available

MS 319

MS 319 is a seventeenth-century collection of prayers and devotional writings, followed by notes on ecclesiastical government based on the Old and New Testaments.

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MS 348

MS 348 comprises extensive manuscript additions to a copy of A directory of publique worship (1644). A seventeenth century hand has added prayers, sermons and notes, as well as a list of books (possibly the contents of the scribe’s library).

Catalogue entry available

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