On this page you can learn more about the various western post-1500 manuscripts in our collection relating to Law. You may also be interested in the Law section of our western medieval manuscripts collection.

Oxford, St John’s College, MS 59, fol. 61r

MSS 159-162

These manuscripts form an anonymous four-volume commentary on Justinian’s Digest. The four books were donated by Thomas Paynell, translator and chaplain to Henry VIII (d. 1564?), and are probably in his hand.

Separate catalogue entries available for MS 159, MS 160, MS 161, and MS 162

Oxford, St John’s College, MS 248, fol. 3r

MS 248

MS 248 is a fair copy of reports of cases heard before the Court of King’s Bench between 1660 and 1675, by Sir Creswell Levinz, K.C. (1627-1701).

Catalogue entry available

MS 250

MS 250 is a collection of privileges of the University of Oxford originally made by the civil lawyer Richard Zouche (1590-1661) to support his (unsuccessful) case for election to the post of keeper of the university archives in 1658.

Catalogue entry available

MS 306

MS 306 contains a collection of reports of about 60 law cases in a variety of hands from the 17th and early 18th centuries.

Catalogue entry available

MS 307

MS 307 is a notebook containing a collection of legal precedents, memoranda, etc. written in the early 18th century.

Catalogue entry available

MSS 308-309

This is a two-volume legal common-place book compiled by Robert Price (1655-1733, judge and politician) and dated April 1676.

Catalogue entry available

MS 310

MS 310 is an eighteenth century set of notes of legal cases taken by Sir John Strange from Easter Term 4 George I (1718) to Michaelmas Term 6 George I (1719).

Catalogue entry available

MS 324

MS 324 is a copy of an Act of Parliament intended to disculpate Archbishop Laud after the Restoration.

Catalogue entry available

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