Special Collections Quizzes

We are recreating the quiz first presented as part of the exhibition celebrating the opening of St John’s new Library & Study Centre in October 2019.

Can you see if a text is printed or handwritten? Do you recognise languages even if you can’t read them? Can you distinguish between paper and parchment from a mere photo? And, do you know your palaeography and/or English history well enough to date St John’s treasures?

Every Wednesday around nood throughout Trinity Term 2020, this blog will add another quiz. Just click on the headings above the images and the quiz will open in a new tab (best keep the blog open alongside for a better picture quality).

There are no prizes to win. This is just for fun. Each quiz comes with a a link to a relevant further e-resource, such as a brief video about how late medieval/early modern paper was made.


Item 1: A Letter


Item 2: A Book of Miracles


Item 3: A Bible


Item 4: A Legal Text


Item 5: A Maths Textbook


Item 6: Verse Stories


Item 7: Cicero


Item 8: Another Letter


Item 9: A Grammar Book


Item 10: More Verse Stories

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