Western post-1500 manuscripts

St John’s College Library has over 160 western post-1500 manuscripts, most of which are described in Stewart Tiley’s unpublished descriptive catalogue of the post-1500 western manuscripts at St John’s College, Oxford (2018). As part of the ongoing digitization project, the catalogue entries relating to western manuscripts from 1500 to 1850 have been made available online on ArchivesHub, and these manuscripts are also summarized across the thematic pages linked below. Western manuscripts postdating 1850 are listed in our index. Digital facsimiles of several of our western post-1500 manuscripts are available via Digital Bodleian.

Please note that personal papers relating to prominent literary alumni are covered on the St John’s College website.

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Images used on this page:
Accounts and Finance: MS 267, fol. 73v. Astrology and Astronomy: MS 37, fol. 44r. Bibles: MS 247, fol. 2r. Devotion: MS 222 fol. ir. Diaries, Memoirs, and Biography: MS 259, fol. 8r. History and Genealogy: MS 174, fol. 21v. Language and Literature: MS 52, fol. 3r. Law: MS 248, fol. 3r. Letters: MS 301, fol. 3r. Medicine: MS 22, front pastedown. Music and Liturgy: MS 181, fol. 115r. Notebooks and Exercises: MS 412, fol. 113v. Philosophy: MS 148, fol. 1r. Politics: MS 297, fol. 1r. Sermons: MS 212, fol. 1r. Theology: MS 157, fol. 283v. 18r. Misc: MS 254, fol. 17r.

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