Private Press Books at St John’s College

an unexpected treasure box by Petra Hofmann (College Librarian) This blog is based on a talk I gave alongside the Librarians of Merton College and Worchester College at the online event “Printing for Pleasure: Private Press Collections at Three Oxford Collages” on 9 December 2021 organised by the Oxford Bibliographical Society. Next to our designatedContinue reading “Private Press Books at St John’s College”

Scandinavia in the Special Collections

This month, we gather together a number of different items which share a northern theme: twentieth-century cartoons, seventeenth-century astronomy, nineteenth-century literature, sixteenth-century history, eighteenth-century exploration, and a seventeenth-century Bible. Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus [Description of the Northern people], Olaus Magnus (1550) ∑.2.14 Olaus Magnus (1490-1557) was a Swedish writer and Archbishop of Uppsala, and thisContinue reading “Scandinavia in the Special Collections”